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"The game it reminds me the most of is Eldritch Horror and for me, that is absolutely a complement. I love Eldritch Horror & I love the way this game presents it's first Act in a very similar way."

-Shea, Rahdo Runs Through

Join the Crew of Davy Jones' Locker!

Missed the Kickstarter for the Davy Jones' Locker: The Kraken Wakes board game?
We have a limited amount of first print
copies still available to purchase!


AcT 1

Choose from 5 unique ships, each with its own strength and weakness. Will you use the power of the wind with the speedy Sea Dragon, or devastate your foes with the cannons of the feared Hammerhead?

Sail the Open Seas, exploring ports & shipwrecks, visiting markets, & battling Naval Ships! But beware, there have been strange tales of something lurking in the depths of Davy Jones' Locker...

AcT 2


When the Kraken wakes, it sucks the players into a raging whirlpool, trapping them in a treacherous battle with the deadly beast! Work together to fight through its 8 tentacles and ever-changing whirlpool currents. Ships will sink, but that doesn't mean they are out of the fight! Rescue their deckhands, putting them to work on your ship, and pushing through to send the Kraken back down... to




TIME: 30min/player

AGE: 14+

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